a conversation

Q. What is coaching?

A. Coaching is a conversation designed to first bring out the core elements that have you stuck, unable to envision, or immobile to act upon, the vocation, lifestyle, and circumstances you feel will bring you a life you love. From there, action is possible. The process is rooted in both personal connection and a disciplined methodology, through which we flesh out both the high-level and granular elements of a life you are passionate about!

Q. What is the 4 Gateways Coaching model?

A. As a methodology borne from traditional ways of sorting and celebrating the many ways we as humans move through our lives, the 4 Gateways model offers a unique and deeply resonant container for the work of the coaching dynamic. From Founder Tom Daly: “When we make a place for all aspects of an issue, we can clarify their meaning and importance to use and learn from them. Using the 4 Gateways we embody and explore all parts of the individual or system. When all parts of our inner world or any system we work with are recognized, honored, and given their rightful place, change and healing are possible. In fact, meaningful change begins by giving all parts their rightful place.” – excerpted from www.4gatewayscoaching.com/unique.htm

Q. What does Witness Circle Coaching offer?

A. Coaching is my commitment to listening. Whether you are a CEO or someone taking on the fundamental questions of what to make with the rest of your life, you are the engine for results, and are supported through an attention to and focus on your life’s experience and vision for yourself or your organization. Together we create a safe container for work, built upon confidentiality and trust. Accountability is the touchstone for any action plan. You are called to take on your life in a wholly new way, and are held responsible for the work inherent in such a shift. You are guided according to the agenda and picture you paint for yourself and your life. Our sessions are grounded in discipline, compassion, and community. And we have fun doing it!

Q. Is coaching like therapy?

A. No. Therapy is designed to understand and resolve our selves and our blockages. Coaching is a dynamic, creative process that addresses and blesses these elements, then draws out clearings for action. Coaching creates a space for achievement. Therapy is about shortcomings, coaching is about possibilities!

Q. Why coaching?

A. We’re all coaches, and it’s through the support of community that life’s thresholds are shared, blessed, and seen as gateways to the next fulfilling level of ourselves. The unique perspective of coaching offers insights for action that are often left dormant as we struggle through the day to day, further prolonging our passionate lives. Once we’re awakened to our lives, the life we love becomes available!

Q. How does it work?

A. An initial “Get Acquainted” call session helps draw out the areas of your life you want to address. This initial 30-minute call is designed to give you an experience of the structured environment of a coaching relationship. If, after our first call, we choose to work together, you will be sent a Client Contract. This agreement is the foundation for our work, and the integrity of the contract is inherent in attaining results, and having the experience you’re looking for. Sessions are typically 55 minutes, and occur over the phone at pre-scheduled times. (Corporate sessions often conducted on-site). A call cycle of approximately 2-4 calls per month is designed based on your intentions and goals, and our mutual schedules. Periodic brief check-in calls and e-mail support are available, with discretion, to support and fuel the steps you take on. Significant support is offered to help further build on results once coaching is no longer needed.

Q. I’m ready to find out more…how do I get started?

A. To schedule an initial call, e-mail jonathan@witnesscircle.com, or call (518) 290-0740